Marketing Secrets and how to market your product or services

Santa’s Marketing Secrets

If you want to know Santa’s Marketing Secrets, Be ready to note those 6 magical tips and start a new year of marketing’s success in your business.

Attract your customers, reach your target audience, race your competitors and grow your business.


1.relationship management skills

Santa Claus sells happiness and inspire all of kids (his target segmentation) and all of people also, until they became following him and trusting him.. happiness has been linked to him and all of people knows that inspiration is his way for years.

So! Stop Satisfying Customers, you have to start Wowing them, If  you didn’t do that way before, study your customers, connect to them , and build a strong relationships. Do competitive analysis to find Their weaknesses in customer transaction, Then do something that no one else in your industry does by adding value and extra services.

Your customer should feel that you are not only interested in selling your product but are personally interested in him and his happiness. This helps the loyalty of customers to your business and  sell more than just product.


2.Achieve your customers expectation

Santa keeps his promises and he Challenges  Freezing, and low temperature to reach you in time. And he keeps his promise every year. Yet all of kids and their parents are trust of him.

In your business keep expectations of your customers and Achieve it, otherwise you will lose them. ask them always about their comments on your business and their needs,  it builds trust and people like dealing  with companies that worth trust, But be careful! .. don’t promise your clients with hopes that you can’t keep.


3.Stand out from the competition

Santa has a unique image with his  long gray beard, red suit, and shiny black boots. His known phrase Ho .. Ho .. Ho.. and his kids segmentation.


so! Do you have a unique image in your business? a unique slogan that has a direct message? What is your target audience and in which way will you reach it? What is things that customers are complaining of with your competitors ?                         

answer all of those  questions and try to implement it to be unique and classy.


4.Inbound marketing

Santa is Impressive to children and is a source of dazzling, they love him and see him in their toys and cartoons, He succeeded to inbound them with his content.

So what does santa want to learn you?

I know that you heard about the content is the king Frequently, but did you ask yourself why?

Ok, do you know what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is to attract your target customers with your content and informations to put yourself in their minds that you are the king og your industry, it encourage them to buy without advert your product in a direct way for that reason the content is the king.

So you have to create quality content with valuable informations, free ebooks and tools that your customers need, it helps you build a relationship with each customer so they keep coming back.


5.Market segmentation

He knows everyone’s wishes, their likes and dislikes and their age etc.. it’s called in business “segmentation”. You must determine the age, occupation, marital status, interests, behavior and activities of your target audience to know how to attract them.


6.Know your customer’s needs  

Every year Santa get letters about a children needs of wrapped  presents , it helps him to know their expectations to implement it and make them happy.

 knowledge of expectations of your customer will help you to get his satisfaction,. What do you think if your customers felt satisfied enough to send you a list of their needs that they hope to find it in your company? . it will make you understand  and serve them better, right?



Don’t make your customers feel like you just try to sell your product or service, relationships will help you to reach them easier, inbound marketing helps you also to attract customers with your valuable content, then you have to be unique and different,  know your market segmentation to reach your target audience and its needs.