Large profits are collected from valuable contents. The value of the content appears when we consider the importance of linking the content to social media networks and activating search engines.

At Makan Sherif we offer our clients digital marketing service by linking the 3 points together (content + social media network + active search engine) in order to turn most of the visitors to buyers.

Digital marketing advantages:

  • Cheaper than ordinary marketing and more targeting to possible clients
  • Helps branding the trade mark with your clients and making new clients
  • Helps in reaching targeted audience faster
  • More accurate in measuring and analyzing the advertising campaign by using tools that doesn’t exist in real marketing.
  • More wide and it are not restricted by specified location.

Your content will be online for many years and it can be reached easily



Video is one of the most important visual content to promote the brand of your product,service, idea or persons.

Video marketing helps branding your trade mark and present your product to the market in a clearer way, easier to reach and lasts more in the viewer’s memory.

Video marketing advantages:

  • It helps to get connected with your targeted audience even if located so far.
  • It is an important content accompanying the search engines with great efficiency.
  • It helps in spreading the info faster and wider
  • The video content records about 74% of the internet digital content activities in 2017 among the other digital content.
  • Marketing e-mails including the word ” video ” are 65% more opened than other content
  • 4X of the clients prefer watching the product in a video than reading the product info
  • From 46% to 85% of the viewer’s buy the product in video.


Marketing 360

It’s a new tool of digital e-marketing which uses the images and videos in a panorama mode 360º to advertise commercial and touristic places in order to have a full view of the place with every single detail of the place.


Virtual marketing advantages:

  • Virtual tours show the place with a 360 º full view from all directions.
  • Increases the website visits and clients.
  • More time is spent on the website
  • The website and its services appear more from all engines.
  • More sales, less time.
  • More data of the products or services are shown.


Exhibitions & Events

Virtual exhibition planning and designing via 3D programs and travelling around the expo is a new marketing channel in Egypt and the Arabworld.

Our company Makan Sherif is the first company to hold and plan such expos in Egypt and the Arabworld. It has the honor to be the first company to plan a tourism exhibition using the virtual tour technique (Makan 360 º) and to prepare the first real estate exhibition (Makan Sakan).


Virtual exhibition advantages:

  • Reduces the cost for companies that would be paid in establishinga special place for real.
  • Having points or hyperlinks to be clicked in each company in order to explain all the details of it.
  • Saving much time and there’s no specific time to enter the expo and tour in viewing the participating companies participating with their special offers during the expo.
  • It’s easy to reach the expo and tour between the participating companies from all over the world via internet.
  • It’s easy to show presentations, files, pictures and videos and use allof interactive means and aids to complete the sale and marketing process.