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Virtual marketing 360 for growing your business

Nowaday business market became like a forest, all of business owners try to find a chance to compete and get ride of their competitors, so you have to start thinking differently and take a Competitive advantage what helps you to be special From your customers point of view.

I guess that you heard about virtual tour, but you may not know exactly what’s its great benefits for your marketing. So let’s talk about what virtual tour is then we will know what is its benefits.

Virtual tour is a new technology that depends on panoramic photography or it’s called 360 photo, you can take it by your mobile or camera but i prefer an HD camera if you want a professional view, you have to use a fish-eye lens to help you form a panoramic photo, then you can use virtual tour software like 3D vista or any software else, those soft wares start to link your panoramic photos together to help you to move from point to point.

for example if you want to build virtual tour for your apartment you will form 360 photo for your reception, every rooms, bathroom and kitchen then you will use a virtual tour software to link all of those  points together by buttons called “hot spots” so if you in the reception you will press on rooms hot spot or anywhere in your apartment to move to it as if you are inside the apartment in reality.

Virtual marketing 360 is the best Digital marketing way!

Digital marketing has a very strong impact on sales increase, virtual marketing 360 is important and unique digital marketing tools today, that Increase customers interaction with your location by using virtual tour technology.

it helps the clients to show what they can expect for their money. and speed up their purchasing decision, they can see your location, products and services in all its details rather than guess what it looks like.

What is a virtual tour marketing?

Virtual tour is a group of 360 panoramic photos for a particular place, combine and link together by points called “hot spots” what you will press on it to move through your virtual tour.

how to make virtual tour?

basically you have to use an HD camera to make professional photos, then start to take panoramic photos by fish eye lens, once you finished you will start to stitching it using virtual tour programs to add navigation buttons and hot spots to help your customers walking through it as we mentioned before.


“Virtual tours are eye-catching that gain users attention and give them a positive first impression, it can also hold their attention and make them spend along time on your website”

How could virtual marketing 360 help real estate and hotels?

Real estate virtual tour, hotels and other has now moved to this kind of marketing , most of hotels and travel bookings are made over the Internet, hotel virtual tour  increases online bookings for your Hotel over and over,so if you a Hotel owner, virtual tour can showcasing all the details that your client like to see and book to stay. See Helnan Palestine Hotel in virtual tour 360

or as you can see in this video, your client can explore and navigate through your place as if he is there just using his mouse and navigation keys..

good pictures Facilitate your sales so why don’t let them watch it in 360 degree

Many businesses are missing digital marketing developments such as virtual marketing, it provide customers with a complete picture by giving them an opportunity to see what are your services, products and location as if they were really there.

virtual marketing 360 benefits

How could Virtual marketing 360 increase interactions with your clients?

virtual marketing 360 allows your clients to interact with your place without being physically present , they can go along and turn right or lift, up and down through your place, and see More accurate  details with their navigation keys, then you can Move from place to another using hot spots that helps clients to move through your location, The feature also that You are always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year anywhere in the world, Isn’t it awesome?

Optimize your site on search engines by virtual tours!

If You need visitors stays The longest possible time on your website, you need something eye catching that people talk about and Remember

virtual tours  will keep visitors on your site longer periods of time and keep them coming back, because it’s a kind of sticky content.

Sticky content refers to picture, video, Information, article or other features on a website  that are very interactive  with users by holding their attention and get them to spend longer periods of time

It’s Perfect For Content Marketing

You can add all of your content like videos, images and texts that explain your company industry, information about everywhere in your location and your offers

stand out from the competition

your company with a Virtual marketing 360 gives your business a competitive advantage and Building confidence in your customers. ​it helps you to Beat your competitors, Clients will trust you because  you have provided him comfortable and explained all details. They not only want to see the product or read a description for it , they also want to interact with your product and experience it.

it’s not depending on internet only

Virtual tour isn’t only for your site or social media engagement you can also insert it in a CDs to your presentation or for your customers.

open it from any device

Customers can open it from their PC, Laptop, Tab or their mobile, it means that they will meet no problems to reach you anytime and anywhere.

How can you help your clients by using virtual tour technology?

– virtual Tours makes them save a great amount of time.

– it allows them to have a full vision of the location.

– They can  save gas and money specially if they are in countries far from the town.

– They can get family and friends opinion any time.


Virtual marketing 360 Increase customers interaction with your location by using virtual tour technology, it speeds up their purchasing decision, and helps real estate and hotels marketing and increase their purchase or booking, it lets you to add all of your content to give your customers full information about your business, it can save your time, money and effort for you and your customer also, think in 360 and increase your business.